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Some Examples:

TensorFlow.js & VUE.js + OpenCV & Tesseract


February 2021, I tried something out during my lunch break. A nice gimmick: real-time smart recognition of objects/people etc. ("Big Brother is watching you!"). With some libraries, it went up quite quickly (during the lunch break). Frightening, but also very exciting!

With OpenCV(2) in Python and the help of Tesseract, for example, a license plate recognition can be done. (PS: The license plate is from a freely available video from YouTube "Fahrt durch Mainz")

What is a bit unsettling for me personally now is that it recognizes the sandwich as such with over 90%, but only classifies me as a person around 70%. ;)


Untis Timetable HTM -> ICS Parser


2013 - Project provided by me at the SRH Heidelberg during the DO-IT weeks (an internship). Background: Since a purchased version of Untis was used for the organization at the Berufsförderungswerk at the SRH Heidelberg, instead of the WEB all-round rental version that had already become common at the time, there was no way to subscribe to the timetables as ics‑file / colloquially also iCal‑file in the calendar (for example smartphones or MS Outlook). In addition, the HTM‑part of the timetable output was getting on in years and used tables within tables within tables ... And was also not valid. So I wrote a parser that read and prepared the relevant information for me. Made me with cURL and cronjobs weekly queries of the page and converted it to me subscribable calendar‑files. As an intermediate step, the programming work, a valid HTML‑output was created.


WIFI- / Wireless LAN preparation for Ubucon


2013 - Also during the DO-IT weeks. A two-man group project. Background: Ubucon was coming up and the school did not yet have a comprehensive WLAN network in the classrooms. So we had the task of researching how this network could be set up most cheaply and efficiently. To do this, we had our smartphones and a tablet from the school as measuring devices. In addition, a router with different antennas (+5dBi and +9dBi) and a "card holder", which had served as a holder for the router. So we set up the setup in different rooms and measured with the end devices. To display the results nicely, I put together the interface shown. One could click into the plan to create a new measuring point...




Unpaid / Hobby - 2009 Website for the company "Lickteig Metalltechnik" from Donsieders. Running text where outdated as in "Webdesign in a Nutshell", but the customer wanted it this way. ;)


Turnverein Pirmasens 1983 e.V.


Around 2008 I was in "Turnverein Pirmasens" - a gym club with different sports - and tinkered several Joomla designs. Finally a design based on the standard design was taken and was in use for a few years. However, since I moved to Karlsruhe and also privately had more and more to do, I forwarded the project (with complete documentation) to the next webmaster.




There have been many versions of stinder.net ... Some of theme you see here: